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The new year is calling you

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Mon, Jan 16, 2023 @ 14:01 PM

W_NewYear blog

The new year is calling you. Will you answer with a new

It’s tradition at the end of every year to look back at what transpired over the course of the 
year. The good, the bad, the unexpected. But what if you turned that around and created that 
end-of-year list NOW? In other words, make good things happen in the new year that you will be 
happily reviewing in December 2023! (Brilliant, right? Every now and then I get such inspired 

I’m not just talking about “don’t leave clean clothes in the dryer for a week” or “stop calling 
your kids by your dog’s name” or “start happy hour one hour later.” I’m talking about something so 
simple, tangible and life-changing you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it last year: a new PSMailers 

PSMailers are the one of the hardest working machines in any busy office (second only to the coffee 
maker and copier). The ease and productivity of a PSMailers pressure-seal self-mailer system makes 
tedious mailing tasks a breeze. Fold and seal important pressure seal documents in less time than 
it takes to recall your broken new year’s resolutions for 2022.

A new PSMailers system will bring you the best of “new” in this new year:

  • New upgrade: If operating more time- and cost-efficiently is a top priority in 2023, make it happen! A new PSMailers system could very well be the best decision you make all year.

  • New uses: Documentation is increasing in demand and self-seal documents command attention. 
    Pressure-seal documents are idea for mailing medical test results, screening facility information, 
    hours of operation, and more.

  • New ways to free up valuable time and resources: PSMailers eliminate a lot of extra time and 
    costs associated producing office mailings. Think of what you can do with the extra time, money and 
    labor when you no longer need to order and stock envelopes or stuff, address and seal envelopes, or 
    pay extra to printing and mailing fulfillment.

  • New ideas: The turn of a new year is typically a time to gear up for W2s, 1099s and other important tax season documents. But there are endless of other ways to use PSMailers machines and documents. What new ideas will you discover in 2023?

The new year is calling you! What better way to answer than with a PSMailers system—and start 
creating a successful year-end list now.

Cheers to a new year! And now I’m off to enjoy happy hour an hour later, making good on one of my 
New Year’s resolutions.

PSMailers Guy

Rest and be thankful (for PSMailers)

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Tue, Nov 22, 2022 @ 16:11 PM

W_HolidayThankful Blog

Rest and be thankful (for PSMailers)

Rest and be thankful,” wrote William Wordsworth, the famous English poet. When I read those words around this time of year, I can’t help but envision a well-earned post-Thanksgiving meal nap in my favorite recliner, feeling as stuffed as the turkey on my plate and whipped as the topping on my pumpkin pie.

Yet, it also makes me think of how grateful PSMailers users are for the time, money and effort they save with their pressure seal systems. When it comes to tasks like processing checks, invoices, statements, notices, promotions, direct mail and more, customers say PSMailers are the hardest working mailing solution in the office.

Throughout the year, we get messages from PSMailers users who thank us for being able to:

  • Eliminate ordering/stocking envelopes
  • Eliminate the time it takes to stuff and seal envelopes
  • Reduce labor costs of processing documents
  • Increase communications with many different PSMailers document styles

Whether you’re a high-volume organization or a growing small business, there’s a PSMailers model with the right capacity to fold and seal important documents and make light work of an otherwise costly and time-consuming task.

As we head into the upcoming season, I encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of Wordsworth’s words: rest and be thankful, especially for the many joys that PSMailers can bring.

Yours in gratitude and homemade turkey gravy,

PSMailers Guy

PSM Pigskin

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 14:09 PM


Pioneers in pigskin and pressure seal systems

When I played football as a kid, the only females involved in the pigskin sport* were moms who spent countless hours washing uniforms and driving carpool (thanks, Mom!) or cheerleaders on the sidelines. But it’s a whole new ball game (pun intended, of course) today. Women have become an integral part of football, from the front office to the back field. Pioneers include:

  • Amy Trask who, in 1997, became the first female chief executive officer of an NFL team, the Oakland Raiders;
  •  Kathryn Smith, the first woman named to a full-time coaching position in the NFL in 2016;
  • Sara Thomas, the first female referee to officiate an NFL game (2012), bowl game and in a Big Ten stadium; and
  • Beth Mowins, the first woman to call a nationally televised NFL game

Like these groundbreaking women, PSMailers is a bit of a pioneer, as well. Revolutionizing the time-consuming, labor-intensive task of preparing and processing mailings, PSMailers pressure seal folding equipment and self-mailer documents have made a name for themselves in offices across the country.

  • From small offices to high-volume organizations, there’s a PSMailers model that scores a touchdown in office productivity with every mailing job.
  • PSMailers pressure seal systems can handle any application in the playbook, from checks and invoices to report cards and direct mail.
  • PSMailers documents take the envelope out of the game because they’re designed to be printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in less time than conventional printing and mailing processes that use envelopes. Lots of fold styles to choose from score extra points, too!

With football season upon us, we tip our helmets to women leading the charge in football—and to PSMailers for being a game changer in the world of document processing!

PSMailers Guy

*The term “pigskin” comes from the early days of the sport (actually, English rugby) in which the ball allegedly was made from an inflated pig’s bladder encased in pig hide.This has since been long abandoned and footballs used in the NFL and NCAA today are made of cowhide, much to the relief of pigs in pens around the world.


Back 2 School

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Jul 29, 2022 @ 16:07 PM



Getting back to school and down to business

As the new school year approaches, it’s all about getting back—back to school, back to basics, and back to, well, backpacks. And they’re getting heavier all the time! The average backpack is estimated between 12 and 20 pounds, often well above the recommendation that a child’s backpack should weigh no more than 15% of their body weight. My back hurts just thinking about it!

Rather than weighing down students—from kindergarteners to grad students—with more stuff in their backpacks, PSMailers is here to lighten the load.

School districts and higher education institutions can use PSMailers pressure-seal equipment and documents to directly connect with students, staff and donors.

  • Provide health & safety tips. The high-volume PSM10k folder/sealer system is perfect for large universities and school districts to communicate their comprehensive safety plan, personal health tips, and updates to students and families.

  • Enhance development and advancement efforts. Direct mail continues to garner attention when it comes to fundraising and recruitment efforts. PSMailers can easily produce materials needed for online auction events—mailers leading up to the event to boost participation, feature auction items, and provide bidding instructions, as well as thank-you notes to donors.

  • Communicate critical campus information. Student support services are a big part of campus life. The smaller volume PSM3000, which handles up to 3,000 pieces an hour, is great for processing a printed guide to hours of operation for offices, libraries, rec centers, food court and cafeterias, and bus schedules, just to name a few.
  • Boost school spirit with bookstore and yearbook promotions. Even tech-savvy Gen Y and Z students like getting mail! Schools can use PSMailers to help promote bookstore promotions with printed coupons and coupon scan codes, as well as solicit yearbook sales with direct marketing that stand out in the mail.

Count on PSMailers to help educational organizations explore new and effective ways to communicate with students, parents and other target audiences without being a burden to office staff—or student backpacks.

See you on the PSMailers playground!
PSMailers Guy


Automation Vacation

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, May 19, 2022 @ 08:05 AM


Put tedious, time-consuming work on a permanent vacation

I can remember family summer vacations as a kid in our well-worn sedan that lacked proper safety restraints, air conditioning and even FM radio. Mile after mile on the road to our destination each year, my siblings and I passed the time playing the “I Spy” 50-state license plate game or letters of the alphabet game or arguing whose skin was touching who’s in the un-airconditioned back seat.

As summer approaches, I’ve been wondering how much more enjoyable those journeys would’ve been for my parents if the car was equipped with today’s experimental autopilot feature. They could’ve leaned the seats back and let the car do the driving while they napped and we kids babbled and bickered in the back.

While auto manufacturers are still ironing out the kinks with autopilot for cars (sorry, Mom and Dad), PSMailers has mastered automation of direct mail production. These all-in-one, folding, sealing systems reduce the tedious time and extra cost required to produce a mailing by hand.

  • A variety of PSMailers models handle volumes of all sizes, up to 10,000 per hour
  • When addresses, postage, even intelligent barcodes, are printed directly onto the mailer — no need to print and apply labels or stamps by hand.
  • Designed as self-seal mailers, PSMailers eliminates the need for envelopes. The system folds and seals all at the same time. Kiss the nasty chore of envelope licking goodbye!

If you’d like to put the time-consuming task of folding, stuffing, and addressing mailings on a permanent vacation, it’s time to engage autopilot with PSMailers—and free up your time to enjoy your free time this summer.

Yours in automation and vacations,

~ PSMailers Guy

Find your pot o’ gold with PSMailers

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Mar 23, 2022 @ 10:03 AM


Find your pot o’ gold with PSMailers

March is the month where everyone becomes Irish for a day in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Everything goes green to signify the great lore and luck o’ the Irish, including the Chicago River which requires 40 pounds of green vegetable dye to attain that Éire hue!

No St. Patty’s celebration is complete without mentioning leprechauns. Legend has it that, with a bit of cunning and luck, if you catch a leprechaun, he will reveal the location of a hidden pot of gold. If you’re not careful, though, that sneaky little lad might trick you into looking for it at the end of the elusive pot of gold.

I’m no leprechaun, but I’m here to reveal to you all the ways that PSMailers pressure seal systems can lead you to a real pot of gold for your business:

  • Easier mail prep saves valuable time, money, resources. PSMailers quickly and fold, seal preparing documents in a fraction of the time the task can be done manually. By reducing the time-consuming workload of a menial task, these systems freeing up your company’s precious time and resources. No luck required!
  • Faster mail processing reduces costs. The PSMailers system does all the work! The process of folding documents and stuffing envelopes is cut in half thanks to PSMailers. After the documents are printed, the pressure seal machine prepares them directly for mailing, saving you both time and money in labor and supplies.
  • Postal processing is a breeze too. Larger machines include an integrated conveyor and digital counter - at no additional cost! The duty cycle is ideal for organizations with high-volume mailroom equipment requirements.
  • Reduce buying, storing and custom printing expenses. With a PSMailers system, the pressure seal self-mailer forms serve as their own envelope, eliminating the cost of buying and storing expensive custom stationery and envelopes.
  • Variety of PSMailers documents meet a range of mailing needs. Available in 11” or 14” length with V-folds, C-folds, or Z-folds, pressure seal self-mailer forms can be used for a remarkable number of applications, from payroll and accounting to direct mail marketing campaigns.
  • Reduce errors with secure and confidential mailings. Unlike regular letter/envelope mailings, PSMailers self-sealed documents eliminate the chance of errors, such as two confidential documents are accidentally inserted into the same envelope, or a document is inserted into the wrong envelope.


Just as St. Patrick is said to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland, PSMailers is driving away the extra time, costs and hassles of traditional mailings with pressure seal self-mailers that will fill your pot o’ gold every time.

As the Irish like to say: “May the most you wish for be the least you get.”


~ PS O’Mailers Guy

Tackling tax prep the easy way

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Jan 19, 2022 @ 14:01 PM


Tackling tax prep the easy way

Chances are you probably haven’t read what is considered by Guinness World Records to be the longest novel ever published. In Search of Lost Time by 20th century French author Marcel Proust contains nearly 1.3 million words. But that’s mere child’s play compared to the U.S. federal tax code which weighs in with an astonishing 10 million words! Daunting reading for even the best of speed readers and accountants.

The good news is, unless you’re an accountant (or a professional speed reader), you don’t need to read every page of the tax code (or even In Search of Lost Time for that matter). But you DO have to be ready for tax season. And I’m gladly here to help with this handy checklist on how to prepare your PSMailers system for the new tax season:

  • Is the PSMailers machine tuned up and ready for increased seasonal demand?
  • Do you have a sufficient supply of W2 tax forms to meet the mailing deadline?
  • Are you stocked up on other financial forms?
  • Have you evaluated your fold designs? Do you have the ones you need?
  • Is office staff trained and ready to print?
  • Have you conducted a test run before running an entire batch?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of the above questions, no need to panic. Our top-notch Customer Service and Tech Team is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST to answer all your questions and help you resolve any issues you might be experiencing. Our team of experts know PSMailers systems from top to bottom and can have you up and running in no time.

In addition to Customer Service support, you can find all kinds of great info on or by calling our toll-free number: 800.464.5030. Free and easy…which is more than you can say about the ever-expanding tax code.

Unlike Proust and the federal government, I’ll keep this blog short so you can focus on that checklist!

Yours in making light work of heavy loads,
~ PSMailers Guy

PSMailers Let's talk turkey - and trends in direct mail

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, Nov 18, 2021 @ 12:11 PM


Let’s talk turkey—and trends in direct mail

At Thanksgiving time, I’m the “turkey guy” in our family. I’m literally hands-on with the formerly feathered, defrosted foul—I prep the bird, handle the giblets that most people don’t want to touch or even look at (but make for amazing gravy), stuff it to the brim with my homemade stuffing, roast it, taste test it, and carve it up for serving.

As I was planning for this year’s feast, I came across a few turkey trends of note: 34% of consumers recently polled plan to fry their turkey, 50% buy the bird frozen, 48% plan on buying a bigger turkey vs. a smaller one, the majority prefer dark over white meat, and 24% say their mom will be cooking the bird this year. (Thanks, mom, for teaching me everything I know about turkey prep!)

This got me thinking about the interesting trends in direct mail that businesses can serve up year-round. Direct mail is still enjoying a healthy existence in the wake of the pandemic with a few notable facts and features:

  • Surprisingly, “young” digital companies (less than 20 years old) use direct mail to market their business and find customers not online. Even Amazon uses it to reach their Prime customers!
  • Mailers get interactive. Direct mail pieces that prompt a digital call-to-action, via QR code, social media, website or app, are a booming and successful trend and have doubled in the last 4 years.
  • Personalization is popular. Experts see it increasing two-fold this year alone. With many people feeling as though they’ve lost human interaction during the pandemic, personalization offers that much-desired human connection.
  • More time at home means more time to read mail. Direct mail response rates trended up in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown. As people continue to work from home even as we come out of restrictions and return to the office, expect response rates to remain higher.
  • Coordinating online and offline marketing. Digital exposure combined with physical touchpoints leaves a deeper neurological imprint on consumers.

But what good are trends without the proper tools to take advantage of them? Glad you asked! I wouldn’t be the PSMailers Guy if I didn’t mention our high-volume workhorse—the PSM10K—designed to fold and seal up to 10,000 direct mail pieces an hour. It really takes the giblets out of the time-consuming, and tedious process of preparing direct mail!

But don’t take my bird, I mean, word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Yours in turkey and trends,

PSMailers Guy

The Johnny Appleseed of PSMailers: We plant ‘em, you pick ‘em!

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Tue, Sep 21, 2021 @ 21:09 PM


Apple picking season is upon us and it wouldn’t seem right to kick off the pickin’ without a nod to the American legend who started it all: Johnny Appleseed. He was in fact a real person and truly the stuff folklore is made of. Born John Chapman in Massachusetts, he began his one-man apple orchard planting mission in the post-Revolutionary War days. Just as you may have learned as a kid in school, the eccentric outdoorsman did indeed wear a sackcloth with holes for his head and arms, traveled barefoot carrying a bag of apple seeds, and slept outdoors as he worked his way across the country planting apple trees.

Much like this folk hero, PSMailers has been spreading PSMailers systems far and wide, creating orchards of opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries. PSMailers models are almost as diverse as apple varieties you find in the store. Pick your favorite:

Small Volume Models: PSM1800, PSM3000C, PSM3000
Makes time-consuming mailing tasks like invoicing easy as apple pie for smaller business offices.

Medium Volume Models: PSM6000 with touch screen display, PSM7000
Streamline the payroll process and other regular, higher-volume mailings with one of these golden delicious systems.

Large Volume Models: PSM10K
For marketing made easy, this high-volume system runs as crisply as a Granny Smith. Businesses can fold and seal up to 10,000 direct mail pieces an hour!

Can’t decide? Here’s a handy calculator to help you decide which PSMailers unit is right for you:

Of course, just as no apple picking experience is complete without fresh apple cider, choose from a complete selection of PSMailers document styles to complete your PSMailers pick, including C fold, Z fold, V fold, EZ fold, EC fold, and ZX fold.

They say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But I like to say: “a PSMailers system takes the pain out of the mailing process!” It doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea.

So, whether you pick a bushel of apples or better business solution with PSMailers this fall, I can guarantee you that Johnny Appleseed is smiling down on you in his sackcloth and bare feet.

Yours in picking and printing,

PSMailers Guy

Lifesavers by PSMailers: Customer-Support Flavored

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Aug 4, 2021 @ 08:08 AM


When Clarence Crane of Cleveland, OH, invented a hard mint candy in 1912 to supplement his chocolate business in the warm summers, he experienced a life saver of his own. As lore has it, Crane didn’t have the space or equipment to produce the candy, so he turned to a local pill manufacturer for help. In a remarkable twist of fate, the manufacturer’s machine was malfunctioning but discovered that the pressing process worked much better when the hard mints were stamped out with a hole in the middle making them look like small life preservers. And, thus, Life Savers® candy was born.

Our favorite flavor: Customer Support

At PSMailers, we offer our own line of Life Savers (or lifesavers as I will call it to avoid any copyright infringements) in the form of customer support.

PSMailers users enjoy the speed and ease-of-use of PSMailers pressure seal folding sealing equipment and documents. They revolutionize productivity in offices, from small start-ups to large organizations, in a wide range of industries. When you have a question about your system, you want to know there’s support (a lifesaver) out there when you’re in a pinch.

I don’t have to tell you twice that customer service is critical to customer satisfaction. In fact, 95% of consumers say that customer service is essential for brand loyalty, and that the most important aspect of a good customer service experience is “a knowledgeable customer service representative.”

So, we focus on making our customer service and support the most satisfying flavor in the industry.

Support Center

Research has shown that more than 76% of all consumers prefer to reach customer support representatives by phone. PSMailers makes it easy to reach a live member of our customer support and sales team by phone, as well as email.

Online Help Tools

When it comes to troubleshooting, 69% of consumers prefer the DIY approach. Here is where PSMailers excels with online help tools:

  • Our Helpful Tips page provides clear, simple instructions on everything from set up to adjustments.
  • Our Troubleshooting page includes more in-depth information to help them address customer questions and issues.

Sales and Support Line

For general sales or support question or comments regarding any PSMailers machine or related products, we make it equally as easy to reach us via our online forms at

  • Support request:
  • Sales form:

The next time you reach for your favorite flavor of Life Savers (I’m a Butter Rum guy myself), think of the lifesaving support at your fingertips from PSMailers.

Yours in candy and customer care,

PSMailers Guy


  1. With a reported 90% of Americans using customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company, rest assured PSMailers will continue to offer the best in lifesaving customer service and support.