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Alphabet soup of folding styles... mmm mmm, confusing!

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Aug 7, 2015 @ 13:08 PM

Alphabet Soup

Apologies for planting the Campbell’s Soup earworm in your head. (At least I didn’t mention your favorite bologna…you know, the one with a first name and last name…or a certain cat food mix that will leave you mentally meowing in double time). But you see, I was reviewing the many fold styles available for use with PSMailers… C-fold, V-fold, ZX-fold… and I realized this alphabet soup of letters likely stirs up a hot cup of confusion for many users. I figured that PSMailers Guy fans (I know you’re out there) would appreciate having these spelled out clearly.


Below are the six available fold styles of PSMailers documents:

Z-Fold "Accordion style" Z-Fold This is the most common fold style. Creates the letter "Z" when folded; easy-open style good for forms, checks and other mailings. 8.5" x 11" 8.5" x 14"
C-Fold "Letter" or "Tri-Fold" Great for checks and forms. 8.5" x 11" 
 V-Fold "Half Fold" or "Single Fold" Forms the letter "V" when folded, provides generious space for information.   8.5" x 11" 
 EZ-Fold "Eccentric Z-Fold" Uneven Z-Fold, great for checks and forms that need a little more print real estate.   8.5" x 14"
 EC-Fold "Eccentric C-Fold" Legal size accommodates a fourth panel for return envelope.   8.5" x 14"
 ZX-Fold "Z-Fold with extra voucher" Legal size version of the Z-Fold with a fourth panel that creates a detachable voucher ideal for printing A/P checks.   8.5" x 14"

To learn more about PSMailers documents contact us @\contact-us\sales-form\  or email for more information. With so many styles and imprint options to choose from, you’ll be thinking “mmm mmm good!”


Yours in blogging, from soup to nuts

~PSMailers Guy

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I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed!

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Aug 8, 2014 @ 13:08 PM


Gosh, I love that movie! As quoted by the characters Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) in Top Gun, “I feel the need, the need for speed!” I will never tire of watching that movie. The Need for Speed is synonymous with the PSM10K. Seriously. How can you beat 10,000 documents per hour? With the PSM10K, you can add up to 500 sheets while the equipment is processing thanks to bottom feed technology. Due to its extra-long conveyor at 36”, the PSM10K easily accommodates the high output. As crazy as this might sound, just think of it as a Hemi engine. It’s powerful and muscular. Not bulky. It’s a fine looking piece of equipment that quietly sits on a desktop and churns out the mailers.

With the power of the PSM10K, you’ll be surprised to know it only weighs 75 pounds. It processes sheets up to 8.5” x 14” and can produce five different folds: C, V, EZ, Z and EC. It has a manual fold plate, a digital counter and is a bottom-feeding system. A variable speed dial allows you to control the speed if it needs to be slowed temporarily....but don’t even think of it. Why harness the power and output?!

Just think of every business communication that can be produced and mailed in such a quick amount of time. To the tune of 200,000 mailers per month. That’s volume and speed. That’s the PSM10K. The PSM10K integrated folder/sealer can process checks, direct mail communications, invoices or statements and so much more. “It’s designed for high-volume businesses!”

Features of the PSM10K

Hopper Capacity

500 Sheets


Variable speed - 10,000 per hour

Duty Cycle

200,000 per month

Paper Size

Up to 8.5” x 14”


C, V, EZ, Z, EC

Fold Plates



Yes, Manual or Digital


36” Conveyor Included


75 lbs.

Feed System

Bottom Feed

Although it’s not the muscle car you’ve been dreaming of, the PSM10K will fulfill your need for speed, guaranteed!

“Get a PS Mailers System Today!”

To request more information, visit the PSM10K Demonstration Page.

And, don’t forget, PS Mailers are MADE IN THE USA!

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Spring Cleaning with Pressure Seal Folder Sealer

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, May 1, 2014 @ 08:05 AM

pressure seal folder sealer

Have you kept your New Years Resolution going? Yes, Im still talking about your New Years Resolution because if I dont, you wont! And, Im not going to let you off so easy!!!

Weve all come out of hibernation since Spring is officially here.  I know its hard to believe after all the cold and snow the entire nation has endured, but hopefully you put that time to good use and made a strong attempt at organizing your office and all its processes...and keeping your New Years Resolution 2014.

Okay, enough about that. Now, onto the good stuff....more options for making your office more efficient and organized, the PSM3000C pressure seal equipment. Whats the C stand for? A really cool Counter. Did I mention its a digital counter? Although not officially in this case, C also stands for Catch tray included! The PSM3000C is a really cool cat thatll churn out all the goodness your business has to offer such as invoices, checks, direct deposit statements, cool promotions and all kinds of communications to provide your customers with!

The PSM3000C will process up to 3000 documents per hour or up to 25,000 per month. It handles paper sizes up to 8.5x 14and offers five folds including the C, V, EZ, Z and EC.  Between these five folds, the PSM3000C offers tremendous options for low-to-mid size volume businesses.

Just like the PSM1800 and PSM3000, the PSM3000C is a space saving champ and can sit directly next to you on your desktop or next to the group printer...wherever its most convenient for your office. Easily add more forms during processing. Simply reload more documents into the feed trayyesits really that eas-C....get it?

 C.....the letter of the day.

 To prove what Im talking about, check out the PSM3000C video. Youll see exactly how simple, yet highly productive it is and hopefully, this will motivate you to stick to your New Years Resolution 2014! Yep, had to mention it one last time.

Click here to watch it now.

And, dont forget, PS Mailers are MADE IN THE USA!

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Are you Sticking to your Pressure Seal New Year's Resolution?

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 @ 15:02 PM

Let Pressure Seal provide an Efficient & Organized Office


Hey Folks! Just checking in to see how you’re doing on your 2014 New Year’s Resolution. It’s about that time when people either give up or they’re making great strides. Remember, it takes six weeks to make a new habit, according to all the New Year’s Resolution Gurus!

 I said it last month and I’ll say it again, “Organized, Efficient Offices are Key to High Productivity & Happiness! It’s so easy to say, over and over again, when it’s true.

Last month, we talked about the PSM1800, a space saving champ which churns out self- mailers lickety-split to the tune of 1,800/hour or 10,000/month. Not bad, I say! However, if your office needs a little more churning power, PS Mailers has another solution to consider, the PSM3000 pressure seal model.   

The PSM3000 is a mighty folding/sealing machine with nearly double the output capacity as the PSM1800. So, if you have higher volume mailings every month, this may be the one for you.

The PSM3000 is small enough to fit in tiny spaces or directly on your desk. It doesn’t take up much space, but boy, can it churn out the self-mailers! Up to 3,000/hour or up to 25,000/month. Now THAT’S productivity, efficiency and organization all rolled into one great pressure seal machine! 

It offers five folding options which include Z, C, V, EZ and EC folds and can process thousands of documents including checks, direct deposit statements, direct mail promotions and so many other communications important to your customers and your business.

Keeping the PSM3000 churning out mailers is a cinch. To add more forms during processing, simply load additional pressure seal self-mailers in the feed tray.  Yes, it’s really that easy!

I’ve attached the PSM3000 video so you can watch it in action. You’ll see exactly how simple, yet highly productive it is and hopefully, this will motivate you to be true to yourself and your New Year’s Resolution! 

Click here to watch it now.

And, don’t forget, PS Mailers are MADE IN THE USA!

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C Fold or Z Fold? Figuring out Fold Style for Pressure Seal Documents

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 11:02 AM

C-fold or Z-fold

Identifying the fold style is the first and most important step in getting the results you need from your PS Mailers pressure seal investment. Determining the fold style is key to setting up the PS Mailers equipment to run the pressure seal documents properly.

Step 1: Identify the form size. Is it 8½" x 11" or 8½" x 14"?
Step 2: Is it a check? Go on to Step 3.
Is it a form? Skip to Step 4.
Step 3: Where is the check location?
If the check is in the middle portion of the document, you have a Z fold.
If the check is in the bottom portion of the document, you have a C fold.
Identify whether it folds like an "accordian" Z fold or a "typed, formal letter" C fold.
Here's where it gets a little sticky...identifying glue patterns on the form actually can help determine the fold style. Crazy, but true!
  • If there is glue all around the form AND it folds in two equal panels, then it's a V fold.
  • If there is glue all around the form AND it folds in three equal panels, it's a C fold.
  • If there is glue ONLY around 2/3 of the document, it's a Z fold.
Determine whether each panel is the same size or different sizes.
  • If you see three equal size panels, it's either a Z fold or a C fold. [Take a quick step back to Step 4 and determine whether is folds like an accordian or a formal letter to make the final determination of whether it's a C fold or a Z fold.]
  • If a return envelope is part of the document, it's an Eccentric C fold (Ecc. C for short!).
  • If you see two larger panels in the top and middle positions and one smaller panel in the bottom position (where you'd find the return address and mail-to address), it's an EZ fold.

Pressure seal technology brings incredible efficiency to any busy office. Because every business processes documents differently, PS Mailers offers six different fold styles compatible with PS Mailers pressure seal equipment. What types of applications do you use pressure seal documents for? How does pressure seal increase your office efficiency?

Using your PS Mailers pressure seal equipment regularly? Next time we’ll talk about cleaning products you can safely use on equipment.

In the meantime, click the button below for more information on PS Mailers pressure seal equipment and documents. We’ll get it to you right away.

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