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How do Pressure Seal Machines Save You Time and Money?

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Jul 22, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

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Two major factors to advancement in any business are productivity and capital.  Job efficiency can increase with reduction of menial tasks like individually stuffing envelopes for large mailings, which requires both time and money that could be put to a more productive use. Better efficiency can thus be achieved by the utilization of pressure seal machines.


How can PSMailers increase company efficiency?

PSMailers are pressure seal self mailers, one-piece sheets that are printed, folded, and sealed like envelopes before mailing.  PSMailers meets a business’s mailing needs in one single package, so those rushed trips to the office supply store and the time spent ordering and waiting for envelopes are no longer necessary.  Pressure seal documents, equipment, and software come together to provide a solution to your business needs where speed and efficiency are a profitable asset.

Pressure seal machines take the hassle out of issuing paychecks, statements, and invoices.  Customer letters, purchase orders, reports, newsletters, and promotions can all be done simply and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity as well as adding to efficiency by decreasing the supply costs for bulky mailings.

timeDoes it really save time and money?money

A large company had multiple offices with each location having between 100 and 300 employees.  With so many employees needing to be paid, the company saw the need to streamline its complexPSM1800

payroll process.  The time and costs associated with its methods needed a cost effective pressure seal system, but most other systems were cost prohibitive.

The introduction of PSMailer's PSM1800 provided a viable solution and pulled the company out of its payroll blues.  Companies that process a minimum of 6500 documents yearly will find the cost of an PSM1800 pressure seal machine to be justifiable, increasing business efficiency and, in turn, company growth.

 What are other options for pressure seal machines?

From the PSM300C, which operates faster than the PSM1800, to the PSM10K, which is capable of processing 10,000 documents an hour, PSMailers has a variety of pressure seal machines to choose from with six different folding styles for companies to utilize for their mailing. 

Where can a company go with questions about pressure seal machines?

For questions, go online to our contact form

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