Basic Unit Construction

Pressure Sealer and Folder


  • Do not throw away packaging until unit has been inspected and tested
  • If shipping damage is detected, notify shipping company (UPS, FedEx, etc.) immediately
  • Notify customer service of damage or suspected shipping damage

Easy set up, package contains:

  • Unit
  • Upper Chute
  • Lower Chute
  • Exit Tray
  • Power Cord
  • Users Guide


folder top view
  • Refer to Users Guide for use with different forms and settings
  • Become familiar with Unit
  • Plug in Unit
  • Did display light up and run through numbers?
  • Exit tray inserted properly?
  • Chutes set properly for form being used?
  • Chutes inserted and locked into place properly?
  • Knob access door closed?

Typical Adjustments/Problems

  • Power Cord not inserted properly
  • Exit tray not inserted properly
  • Chutes not set properly
  • Sensor cable loose
  • Safety switches bent at exit tray & knob access door
  • Retard Block out of adjustment
  • Feed Tray out of adjustment
  • Stop Cam/Gap out of adjustment