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How to Troubleshoot Folder Sealer Equipment

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 @ 13:07 PM

Deck of Cards 2Fan the Forms, then Adjust if Needed

The simplest, most non-technical method of making sure the forms don’t stick together and “Multi-Feed” is to fan them like you’re thumbing through a deck of cards on the edge prior to placing them in the feeder. However, if it’s a little more involved, a simple adjustment of the gap feed is all that’s needed to control the double feeding and you’ll be back on your way to smooth operations in no time.

Sometimes, this is referred to as “Multi-Feed“, and is easily fixable by adjusting the feed gap. Read through the full post first, then go back over it one more time before you dive in.

Three steps to tighten the “Feed Gap”

  1. Grab the Allen Wrench that came with your folder sealer equipment. (If you’re not familiar with an Allen Wrench, it’s the red-handled T-Bar that hopefully you still have with the instruction manual.)
  2. Then, find the blue belt(s). Directly above the blue belt(s), there’s a cover with two black screws and right in the middle is a set screw.
  3. That’s where you adjust the feed gap. To tighten, insert the Allen Wrench and turn counter clockwise. To loosen, turn clockwise.

Looking right above the blue belt(s), you’ll see a silver drum with clear plastic “O” rings around it. As you adjust the gap (tighten or loosen), you’ll notice the drum move up or down (depending upon whether you’re tightening or loosening) off of the blue belt(s). You want the drum with the “O” rings to barely touch the blue belt(s).

Testing the adjustment - Once you’ve adjusted the feed gap, you need to test a form by manually inserting and pulling it out to “test the drag”. To do this, simply place one form down and gently push it toward the roller until it won’t go any further. Now, pull the form out and gauge the “drag” on the form as you pull it out. If there is “little to no drag,” then you need to tighten the gap more.

Once you’ve adjusted it, do a test run through the machine with several forms. If it still “Multi-Feeds“, then it needs to be tightened more. If it doesn’t feed any forms through at all, and you notice the blue belt(s) aren’t moving, then you have the gap set too tight and it needs to be loosened a bit.

Until you get the forms running through one at a time, repeat the above tightening and/or loosening steps. Hopefully this makes complete sense and it’s a snap to adjust. Should you need further explanation on adjusting the feed gap, review the instruction manual that came with your equipment. But, I’m keeping my fingers crossed we fixed it easily.

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Help! My PSMailer Pressure Sealer Machine Won’t Turn On

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

Remember the Pressure Points for your Folder SealerDon’t fret! It’s most likely one of four simple pressure points that just needs a little push. Four subtle, yet mandatory buttons or levers must be depressed - or as you have discovered - the machinery won’t operate. So, let’s get familiar with all of the mandatory ON buttons on your PS Mailers pressure sealer machine.

Location # 1 - Side Access Door

Inside the Side Access Door, feel around and you’ll find a button that if not depressed, prevents the machine from running. When the door is closed, the button will depress automatically. So, make sure the Side Access Door is fully closed.

Location # 2 - Toggle Switch & Fold Plate

Correct insertion of the back fold plate is key to the pressure sealer machine being fully operational. When the back fold plate is installed in its final resting position, it depresses a toggle switch located on its right side. The depressed toggle switch is what tells the pressure seal machine to run forward. [Does not apply to the PSM1800.]

Location # 3 - On/Off Switches

Okay, I know this seems like the most obvious button, but notice I said, “ON/OFF Switches.” Depending on the model you have, there could be two “ON/OFF” mechanisms and they both have to be in the ON/depressed position. The main power switch must be in the ON position. Then, make sure the RUN button on the control panel is pressed when you’re ready to start processing your pressure seal documents. If you have the PSM1800 or the PSM3000, you only have the ON/OFF button on top of the machine.

Location # 4 - Reset Button

Make sure the Reset Button is depressed and, therefore, in the ON position. It’s located on the back of the machine near the main plug. If it’s not depressed (or has been “tripped”), the pressure sealer machine won’t run.

Always remember these four simple spot checks. They’ll typically get your PSMailers pressure sealer machine running smoothly once again.

Check back soon for more helpful hints on maintaining your pressure seal investment.

Have additional questions not covered here? I’m ready to help. Ask your questions today.

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