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Can we talk?

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Sep 26, 2014 @ 10:09 AM


They say talk is cheap, but I happen to find a great deal of value in talking. For example, we can discuss the highs and humiliating lows of your fantasy football team, the new app you downloaded on your phone, or the even latest TV series you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix.

But let’s talk PSMailers today. Literally. Customers rely on their pressure seal systems every day to streamline the time-consuming process of fulfilling payroll, accounting, billing, direct mail, and more. To keep that system humming along, our Customer Service and Tech Support Team is available by phone Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST at 800-464-5030 to answer customer inquiries. That’s right, your customers will be able to speak to a living breathing Customer Service rep thoroughly trained in the complete line of PSMailers hardware, and documents. They know the systems top to bottom and answer every question with a smile in their voice.

When a customer orders a new PS Mailer system, that’s when we really shine. Once the product is delivered, a Tech Support representative provides the customer with a step-by-step phone install set-up of the entire system. We won’t hang up until the system is fully operational and all questions are answered. That’s worth talking about. 

We think we’re pretty great, but recently Kelly P., a customer in San Diego, CA, hailed our reps as “rock stars” for the superior service provided over the years. Our fans agree that same distinction goes to PSMailers – the most productive self-sealer on the market today.

So let’s keep talking. It’s good for the soul and PSMailers!

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