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Release your inner Goldilocks

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Mar 13, 2015 @ 15:03 PM

W BlogArt Goldilocks

One of my favorite activities in the evening is tucking PSMailers Guy Junior into bed and telling him bedtime stories. The little guy is easy to please, so the other night I recounted the tried-and-true tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. As I sat down later that evening to pen (er, two-finger-type) this blog, it occurred to me that choosing a PSMailers system requires an inner Goldilocks of sorts. A little voice that helps you select the pressure seal self-mailer model that’s juuuust right for your needs.

For example, mid-sized organizations and busy offices poised for growth would find that PSMailers Medium-Volume machines easily satisfy the proverbial fair-haired lass within. Not too big, not too small, PSMailers Medium-Volume systems are designed to handle a demanding load without demanding too much of an organization’s budget or space.

The PSM5000 is a folder/sealer that includes an integrated 18” conveyor and digital counter at no extra cost. This mighty machine handles output of up 5,000 pieces per hour. Not to be outdone, the PSM7000 system with conveyor lives up to its name, processing 7,000 sheets per hour. Even Little Red Riding Hood would be impressed! Both models handle paper sizes up to 8.5” x 14” and a variety of fold styles, including C, V, EZ, Z and EC.

See the home page for more product specs and videos of each Medium-Volume model in action. And contact us to get your copy of our PSMailers Capabilities Brochure (W-PSE-D). If you don’t, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…


Just kidding. Until next time, sweet dreams!


~PSMailers Guy Gal (aka The Big Not-so-Bad Wolf)

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ASAP for VIP’s

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 09:06 AM


Today’s society continues to want everything ASAP. Simple phrases we used to actually say to one another face to face have now been reduced to three or four letter acronyms and we say them by text message instead of a phone call or even email because it is faster and more efficient. For instance, IDK in a text message means “I Don’t Know” and IKR means “I Know, Right?!” Thankfully ASAP still means ASAP! However, using email is now “So Yesterday!” It’s all about speed and efficiency in communications, in business, in everything we do.

Customers demand immediate responses and actions and we, as thriving businesses, have to reply PDQ (that means pretty darn quick!) or we risk losing our VIP customers.

One way we can help you respond to your customers PDQ is to provide speedy processing equipment which delivers super important information to your VIP customers very quickly such as invoices, statements, refunds, direct mail, promotions and many other everyday business communications.

One of the fastest pieces of processing equipment available in today’s market to help your business communicate in a quick and efficient manner is the PSM7000, PSMailers medium volume master. The PSM7000 rolls out 7000 sheets per hour or nearly 125,000 per month. That speaks volumes about speed and efficiency! Talk about satisfying demand for fast, efficient, almost instantaneous responses, this is it.

The PSM7000 allows users to place 500 sheets in the hopper during processing and because the PSM7000 is a bottom feeding system you won't have to stop the machine to reload the documents. Sheets can be up to 8.5” x 14” and the PSM7000 offers five folding options: C, V, EZ, Z and EC using the manual fold plate. The PSM7000 counter operates both in manual or batch mode.  An 18” conveyor keeps all of the forms orderly and is a mere 70 lbs for being such an impressive processor. It’s perfect for medium volume companies and mid-sized businesses.

Features of the PSM7000


Hopper Capacity

500 Sheets


Variable speed - 7,000 per hour

Duty Cycle

125,000 per month

Paper Size

Up to 8.5” x 14”


C, V, EZ, Z, EC

Fold Plates



Yes, Manual/Batch


18” Conveyor Included

Doubles Detection


Feed System

Bottom Feed


70 lbs.

You’ll see exactly how fast and efficient your office life can be PDQ once you see the PSM7000 in action. MSTA! (Must See To Appreciate!)

CSABR (Continued Success And Best Regards),
PS Mailers Guy

PS. “Get a PS Mailers System Today!”
PPS. The first PS stands for Post Script. The second one stands for Pressure Seal. LOL! (Laugh Out Loud!)

See it in action below.

To request more information, visit the PSM7000 Demonstration Page.

And, don’t forget, PS Mailers are MADE IN THE USA!

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