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Lunch Box Nostalgia Meets PSMailers

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Sep 6, 2019 @ 10:09 AM


Take a journey with me back a few decades. Back to a time when you didn’t wear seatbelts in the family station wagon, you made book covers for school textbooks out of brown grocery bags, and the only good thing about back-to-school time was choosing your new lunch box for the year. You know, those metal ones with the snap lock and plastic handle featuring your favorite pop culture character from TV, cartoons, movies or music.

Your choice of lunch box said a lot about you. It was a reflection of who you were, who you aspired to be, and where you stood on the scale of adolescent coolness. My selection of lunch boxes took quite the cultural journey as I matured – from the wholesomeness of Gunsmoke, Snoopy and The Captain and Tennille to the pre-pubescent rebelliousness of KISS.

Now that school is underway again this fall, I look upon those metal box memories and can’t help but think of PSMailers machines (it’s what I do).

School lunch boxes served a remarkable utilitarian purpose (keeping your bologna sandwich and HoHos safe) and were available in a wide variety of designs to meet the discerning needs of its users. Much like PSMailers.

School districts and educational organizations rely on efficient, cost-effective solutions to communicate with students, parents and families throughout the year.  With PSMailers, printing, folding, sealing and addressing communication all in one system is a real time and money saver for schools that operate on limited resources today. 

PSMailer systems are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities – from a small-volume capacity of 1,800 sheets/hour up to 10,000 sheets/hour – meeting the volume needs of school sites and districts of any size. They can be used to send grade reports, athletic department information, fundraising announcements, payroll, and anything that needs to be printed and mailed efficiently.

While metal lunch boxes have succumbed to thermal bags and Lunchables, their worth (much like PSMailers) is exceedingly high. According to Allen Woodall Jr., owner of the Lunch Box Museum in Columbus, Georgia (I’m not kidding), some of the early lunch boxes can fetch over $10,000 today.

Makes me wish I had held on to the Captain and Tennille a little longer. But not to worry…I have a thermos of warm Spaghettios­ waiting to console me.

All the best in back-to-school,

PSMailers Guy

(still a KISS fan)