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Muzzling the Beautiful Hum of PS Mailer Productivity

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 10:11 AM

PS Mailer Sound CoversSound Covers for PS Mailers Equipment

Sometimes we just need a bit of peace and quiet. As we age, we don’t always want to hear that old time rock ‘n roll. We just want silence. Pure and total silence.....(probably more than we’d like to admit....wink, wink!).

Office equipment such as copiers, printers, fax machines, the constant pinging of your email inbox, instant messages, text messages, the good old telephone....well, they’re all background noises that we have to deal with in an office environment. High-speed printers tend to be the noisiest of them all. Don’t get me wrong, high speed printers are great. That means more business, increased sales, better profits, happier management team, etc.! However, we all know that higher speeds translate into louder operations. Now you feel sorry for the employees sitting closest to the noisiest machines in the office, don’t ya? There has to be a way to quiet these machines so productivity can skyrocket, right?!

Introducing PS Mailers Sound Covers

Pressure Seal Sound CoverSound covers are the greatest invention since “white noise”. Sound covers do double duty. Not only do they reduce the decibel level of the equipment, but they help protect the rollers and equipment from dust and debris that accumulates over time. It also helps protect our hearing. (Now, you have an excuse for your’s the office equipment, I swear. I really can’t hear you!) Be sure to extend the life of your PS Mailers equipment and place the sound cover over the equipment whenever it’s not in use. Keeps the gunk out.

Essential for High-Speed Units

I highly recommend a PS Mailers Sound Cover. Sound covers provide extra safety for machine operation and better, longer-lasting performance of your investment! And, for those sitting closest to continually operating office equipment, sound covers enhance the work environment by muzzling the beautiful hum of productivity, making them essential for every productive office. For a small amount of money, make the super smart investment of a sound cover. You’ll be protecting BOTH your employees health (no hearing aides needed!) AND your PS Mailers equipment! One size fits the PSM5000, PSM7000, and the PSM10K.

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