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The Gift That Gives Back (and will never break your heart)

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Wed, Nov 6, 2019 @ 10:11 AM


With the cooler weather nipping at our noses and toes-es this time of year, it serves as a brisk reminder that the magical gift-giving season is near. Every now and then, however, it stirs up one particular memory from my subconscious that breaks my heart all over again…

It was a crisp Friday evening in mid-December (which also happened to be my 17th birthday). I picked up my girlfriend in the wood paneled station wagon dad let me borrow on occasion, a light dusting of twinkling snowflakes falling around us. Imagine my delight when I saw that she came bearing a colorful gift-wrapped box! Never mind that it served as both a birthday AND Christmas gift (I had grown used to that as a kid), I happily unwrapped the gift and found the softest flannel shirt in shades of blue and black plaid that she had clearly chosen with great love and care to match my eyes. She said she liked the feel of flannel. And I liked the way she made me feel. The following Monday, I wore my new shirt to school with a warm confidence and pride knowing that my girl had given it to me. That night, she called me on the phone and broke up with me.

In sharing this memory of teenage heartache with you, I hope to inspire your gift-giving choices for the office this year. Consider, for example, PSMailers systems. They are the perfect gift for the hard-working staff in any office, from education and health care providers to non-profit and government agencies.

PSMailers are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities – from a small-volume capacity of 1,800 sheets/hour up to 10,000 sheets/hour ­– designed to fold and seal many different document styles and sizes.

Forget the fruitcake. A PSMailers system will be the best gift anyone can ever give at the office. And with PSMailers Support, you know we’ll always be there for you, and we’ll never break your heart.

Don’t worry, I’m not bitter. I never wore that shirt again, and I eventually got over the girlfriend. But when I began dating the gal who would later become Mrs. PSMailers guy, I made her promise she would never give me a flannel shirt.

Happy holiday shopping!

PSMailers Guy
(aka Mr. No Flannel, Please )