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Perfecting Perfection: What March Madness taught me about basketball and PSMailers

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Apr 8, 2016 @ 10:04 AM


As I was filling out my NCAA brackets what seems like ages ago, I thought to myself: I got this! But as the first and second rounds of this year’s tournament played out, I (and most avid college ball fans) was proven sorely wrong. How could I have improved upon my perfect predictions?? After taking a licking in my picks and my pride, I took a moment to reflect. As often happens, I turned to PSMailers for inspiration (no, really).


PSMailers are an excellent example of just when you think something can’t get any better, you’re proven otherwise. The newest PSMailers systems have recently been unveiled and I think you will be impressed by the enhancements. For example, the new feeding system makes it even easier for users to seal forms consistently and successfully, hassle-free. No time outs needed. The new sealing block allows for quick and easy maintenance, which keeps units up and running critical jobs at all times. Nothing but net, as they say. And with the capacity to fold and seal 1,800-10,000 forms per hour, PSMailers are the MVP of the industry.


While some might not consider this as edge-of-the-seat exciting as the last two minutes of this year’s final March Madness matchup, I promise you will become an even bigger PSMailers fan. Score three points for PSMailers perfection.


~The almost-perfect PSMailers Guy

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