PSMailers Pressure Seal Solutions

Going for Gold (and a Big Gulp)

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 14:08 PM


As I watched swimming legend Michael Phelps firmly secure his place as far and away the most decorated Olympic athlete at this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Rio, a few thoughts occurred to me. First, times like this make you proud to be an American. Second, that famous photo of Olympic champion Mark Spitz looks a little quaint right now. Third, I really need to finish this bag of potato chips, get up off this couch, and take up a sport…any sport. And lastly, Phelps’ remarkable gold medal achievements remind me of the equally remarkable line up of PSMailers (of course).

If pressure seal mailer systems could compete for gold medals, each and every PSMailer system would earn a place on the top podium. Consider the contenders:

PSM1800 - this little champ is small but mighty. For organizations processing as few as 6,500 documents per year, the PSM1800 delivers performance and payback.

PSM3000C - like its teammate, the PSM1800, the PSM3000C offers increased speed, duty cycles, and includes a digital counter with manual and batch counting modes.

PSM3000 – living up to its name, this integrated folder/sealer boasts a processing throughput of 3,000 documents per hour; an affordable desktop solution for small offices looking to streamline.

PSM5000 – a remarkable performer, this value-added folder/sealer includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter - at no additional cost – with a duty cycle perfect for smaller organizations poised to grow.

PSM IN-LINE 6400-4 – newest to the PSMailers lineup, this winning system prints, folds, and seal pressure seal mailers all in one step – up to 65 mail-ready pieces per minute!

PSM6500 - this stand-alone folder/sealer system handles all popular fold styles with ease, no add-on parts or additional costs required; great for small to midrange users looking to automate cost effectively.

PSM7000 – a middle distance runner, this folder sealer handles a remarkable 7,000 sheets per hour to satisfy even the tightest of deadlines of mid-sized organizations.

PSM10K – perhaps the most impressive performer in the line up, the PSM10K with an extended 36" conveyor, processes up to 10,000 per hour; ideal for organizations with high-volume mailroom equipment requirements.

Just looking at this line up and the performance potential is exhausting. And inspiring. Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading your current system. Or finally switch from a competing brand to a winner like PSMailers. Either way, PSMailers won’t disappoint.

Now if you’ll excuseme, I am off to grab a Big Gulp and further contemplate my athletic pursuits. Air hockey, anyone?

~ PSMailers Guy/ Sports Spectator Gold Medalist