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The Pros and Profits of a Pressure Seal Self Mailer

Posted by PSMailers Guy on Fri, Aug 5, 2011 @ 16:08 PM


Pressure seal self mailers simplify the process of mail preparation.

Old process...

letter   and thenenvelope stuffingand then   stamp   and then address envelope  and then slow mail process

PSMailers process...

pressure seal letter   and then PSMailers machine  and then   folded pressure seal forms

Pressure seal self mailer systems enable far easier mail preparation for business. They relieve the demand of having to fold, stuff, seal and post each document individually, which can be a very time-consuming process demanding a lot of your company’s resources that could be used elsewhere. A pressure seal self mailer system relieves the workload by taking away all the menial tasks for you, allowing for effective time management and saved capital.

Pressure seal self mailers decrease buying, storing, and custom printing costs.

A pressure seal self mailer system will greatly decrease the costs involved in buying and storing supplies (not to mention the storage space for those supplies), plus the costs of custom printing envelopes and stationary, thus saving your company’s resources through responsible financial management. Whether the document is 11” or 14” in length with V-folds, C-folds, or Z-folds, pressure seal self mailer forms serve as their own envelopes, eliminating the need to shop for costly stationary.

A pressure seal self mailer system offers the convenience of faster mail processing.

Handling the documents to prepare them for mailing is no longer necessary, saving your company both time and money. The process of printing documents, folding documents, and stuffing envelopes has been cut in half thanks to pressure seal self mailers. After they are printed, the documents are sent directly to the pressure seal machine, which prepares them directly for mailing.

With pressure seal self mailers, postal processing is quick and easy.PSM5000 M

Pressure seal self mailer technology allows you to print addresses directly onto the form. In addition, intelligent barcodes can be included, saving your company from many postal processing hassles.

Security and confidentiality will give you peace of mind.

A pressure seal self mailer system provides a more effective seal than a regular envelope, and it can eliminate the chance of errors, as when two confidential documents are accidentally inserted into the same envelope or a document gets mismatched and inserted into the wrong envelope.

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